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ok moved site again. if u read this… June 23, 2010

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Mary-Kimberley Scott

Ok I dunno’ if any 1 will read this coz I haven’t used this wordpress site in like…forever? But It’s worth a try! And This site is still getting over 1000 views a day even without posts? so jus going to try this I guess… my new site is at popqueen17.onsugar.com. don’t like it? don’t go there. Simple as that. Juss saying. I kinda’ miss wordpress but like onsugar better. So My site is at popqueen17.onsugar.com had to move it for a reason…again. Go there, follow, write in chatbox, read gossip etc. blah blah blah u get it! Whatevz :) PEACE!



(bb’s [celebmates.wordpress.com] is now at disneystargossip.onsugar.com)

Site twitter: @popqueen17 <<< site twitter was to seperate site posts from my other random tweets. Juss so u know.


Hi! Moving Blog February 26, 2010

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Sorry. After I started using onsugar more I’ve decided that I want to use only celebz4eva.onsugar.com. I’m sorry about this but I think I like onsugar more because I can do more with the theme.  BB Also changed from WordPress to onsugar so her site is now celebgoss101.onsugar.com. Visit hers too.

PLEASE GO TO CELEBZ4EVA.ONSUGAR.COM. Trust me it’s waaaaaaaaaaay better than this one. It has a bit more on it. Oh and u can still leave me Private messages on My onsugar blog. Plus u can write in the chat box and I’d usually reply…



Selena Gomez: “A boyfriend would be nice” February 25, 2010

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Selena Gomez 'A Boyfriend Would Be Nice'

Selena Gomez 'A Boyfriend Would Be Nice'

Selena Gomez is featured in EMMY Magazine.

On what she would love to get with help from magic: “Oh goodness. That’s hard. Man. Well, I think a boyfriend would be nice.”

Nick & Selena are dating, but not seriously boyfriend and girlfriend yet???

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Justin Dosent like Selena, But Admits she’s Cute

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Justin Bieber doesn’t like Selena Gomez as a crush, but admits he thinks the actress is “cute”.  He says while Selena has got it going on in the looks department, he wouldn’t want to date the Wizards of Waverly Place star: “I think Selena Gomez is pretty but I don’t like her. I think she is cute. I think she is a cutie.”

Justin also denied claims he fancies Miley Cyrus: “Not my type,” he insisted. “[But] she’s cool. She’s nice.”

Bieber recently revealed  that his celeb crush is Beyonce: “I met her at the VMAs. I went up to her, said ‘I love your music,’ and she said, ‘Aww, you’re so cute” He said. “She’s gorgeous.”

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Vanessa Hudgens is Desperate to Marry Boyfriend Zac

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According to celebgoss101.onsugar.com (BB’s new site) Vanessa Hudgens is desperate to marry boyfriend Zac Efron. Vanessa Hudgens who’s been dating the hunky actor since 2007  has told pals she’s keen to make her relationship with Zac Efron official, but he’s reluctant to commit. Vanessa was getting her nails done with pal Ashley Tisdale when she was overheard complaining that “Zac just won’t commit…and everybody else in Hollywood is getting an engagement ring, except me!Did you see Carrie Underwood’s ring? And Kristen Bell’s? It’s, like, sooooo gorgeous!” Looks like Ness wants to be married!

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@dayanara flores yes we can be friends. twitter? mine is celebz4evagirl

hi people!!!!! <3 check out celebz4eva.onsugar.com plzzzzzz <3


Justin Bieber says Valentine’s Day is Overrated February 24, 2010

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Justin told E!: “I want to work with Lil Wayne.. once he gets out of jail.”

He’s Still single: “I didn’t have a Valentine. Valentine’s Day is overrated. I’m not going to lie.”

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