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Joe Jonas: “Make me Brownies!”…LOL February 4, 2010

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Joe Jonas revealed to People that his best Valentine’s Day happened a couple of years ago when: “someone baked me brownies and showed up and surprised me on tour. They were so amazing.”

He ate the entire batch.

Their love didn’t last: “I’m still friends with this person and I still tell her, ‘Make me brownies.’ I’m like, ‘Can you please make me brownies?’ But she has yet to make me brownies again.”

Joe’s worst Valentine’s Day was when he received a breakup card that day: “I grew from it. You grow from everything. But it was really funny, and at the time I thought it was tragic.”

LOL “Make me Brownies!”

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Selena Gomez Hurt by NELENA Rumours

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Selena Gomez hates reading gossip about her love life, because it causes her emotional pain.  The Wizards Of Waverly Place star says she is “hurt” by the recent rumors linking her to Nick Jonas. The romance rumor mill went into meltdown (honestly!) when Gomez visited Nick Jonas in Chicago.

Selena Said: “People can talk about me all they want, but it really hurts me when they start to talk about my friends — I get really protective about that, that’s when I think it goes too far.”

However, Nick quite likes the rumours. “[It’s] not so much a surprise. It’s flattering, and that’s how you have to look at it,” he said. “The thing that’s kind of funny to me is the fact that I’m still very young, and as far as a relationship, it’s kind of young stuff, and people being interested in that is funny to me, but it’s all good.”

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RANDOM UPDATE: Nick Jonas’ response when a MuchOnDemand fan asked if he was dating Selena Gomez: “I think when it comes to that I try to keep it a bit to myself and keep it a bit private. We always try to find time to go out and hang out with people we enjoy spending time with and as far as that future of that relationship goes I will keep that to myself for right now.”


Jack Lawless: Nick and Selena aren’t dating. Nick has eyes for some other girl

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Jack Lawless NELENA Tweet

Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez

According to a Jonas band member Jack Lawless Nick and Selena aren’t dating after all, its just a rumor. Just a few minutes after he deleted the tweet. Someone said it was never posted, that it was just photoshopped.

Tweet Picture: ourlaffytaffie.onsugar.com

Nelena Pic: www.yodibujo.es


Lady Gaga Little Montsers tattoo

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Lady Gaga got a tatto of the words Little Monsters on her arm, which is a homage to her fans, who the she refers to as her Little Monsters.

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The Last Song Release Date changed

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The Last Song was originally going to be April 2 but they changed it ….AGAIN.

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