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Justin Bieber has a crush on Stella Hudgens? February 22, 2010

Filed under: Justin Bieber,Stella Hudgens — Mary-Kimberley @ 5:38 pm

Does Justin Bieber have a crush on Stella Hudgens? I don’t think the picture above is real. It might just be photoshopped. I don’t think Justin would write that on there twitter then put in brackets “Gonna’ delete this now.” So I don’t think Justin has a crush on Stella. But Stella is really¬†pretty!

But wait. I found this on the internet. Someone randomly said on the internet: “Justin Bieber is dating Stella Hudgens the sister of Vanessa Hudgens.I”m so lucky that I saw Justin Bieber post video to Stella on YouTube saying that “Hey Stella its Justin so here is the code word “jkidrauhl”so yeah”Stella saw that videos that 2 minits ago Justin deleted that video he Dint uploaded it in his youtube kidrauhl I think its somethin like word stuff!I think 30 people view that video,I also Stalk them together I read their chat on http://www.myspace.com/soiamstellar I saw it on the comment.People also say that Justin and Stella meet together at San Diego 2 weeks ago.They are a lovely couple!”

Thankyou meeboguest495904 for sending me this through my messages.

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24 Responses to “Justin Bieber has a crush on Stella Hudgens?”

  1. stella hudgens Says:

    Okk im stella and Me and justin are just friends i repeat just friends. And i already have a bf of 4 months and hes wonderful, And not to sound corny but justin beiber songs is me and my bf song… BTW its called where are you now listien to it.. so yea.. Me and justin are FRIENDS! thank you for understanding.. Byee

    • Ummmmmmm No Your Not Stella Because #1 You Spelled Bieber Wrong
      #2 Stellz Doesnt Have a BF # 3 Stella n Me n Justin are Just Budz So Plz Stop Posing As My Friend It Would Really be much appreciated by Stella

  2. Shari Hunt Says:

    Stella Hudgens has never met justin bieber ! She said it on her twitter, multiple times and on her formspring. She’s only been to one of his concerts, that’s it ! DUMBASSES !

  3. Stella Hudgens Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Actually Justin and I dated last July
    I met him already add me in facebook we have a pic together
    And now I am dating Christian Beadles…
    =P Hi Poser of me!!!!!!

    • Ummmmm NOPE Stella Never Dated Justin If She did Me n Mary Would Be The 1st To Know n Nessa ofcourse but plz stop posing :/ its just not kool!!!!

      • TaecyoonAfan Says:

        Lol Ariana Grande! Your fake! Stella never met Ariana Grande.. Btw I’m Jordyn woods.. Her friend! Btw Stella have met Justin but they were ne’er together.. Stella is inlove but she is single.

  4. Stella Hudgens Says:

    I mean that time i was dating him already=P

  5. StellaNicole Says:

    lmfaooo, really. This isn’t real! I repeat isn’t real. I don’t even noo justin bieberr, I went to a concert like 847473839 million years ago with my bestfriendd ashiee! so yeaaa.

  6. hey i’m the REAL STELLA HUDGENS. I never met justin bieber except when me and ashie at his concert! so the rumors about that are fake!

  7. and i never dated with christian beadles. i don’t know about him :/

  8. anese Says:

    stella is so fake

  9. rosey Says:

    alrighty why r u guys just fighting just put the person to prove it if she put a picture of sella and justin bieber then go to face bOOK AND check

  10. rosey Says:

    hey do u know i met jaden smith heeee hreeeee just kidden

  11. hey wich one of u is gonna TALK TO ME


  13. selena gomez Says:

    hey justin bvieber does not like stella hudgens he likes me duuuhhhyh

  14. rosey Says:

    ummmmmmmmm u guys have to prove something

  15. Logan V. Says:

    Hey Guys, look i am not going to lie. i am not going to argue…. i have had a crush on Stella Hudgens for a while now. to be honest i think shes beautiful. i am just regular 15 year old that lives in Kansas and i have been trying to see if i could talk to Stella for a few minutes i mean i just be friends with her and know someone in real life that is famous. BTW yaw fake mother fuckin low life fags that post fake shit on here, need to get a damn hobby or something. i hope you guys have a wonderful day :)


    • Van Hudgens Says:

      Listen, OBVIOUSLY this is fake. okay? She never met Justin… and her and Ashlee went to his concert, like, along time ago. ^^^^^^^^^ that picture is FAKE!

  16. HannahCrippen'xx Says:

    Why is everyone making fake acounts, pretty sad in my eyes, and personaly if Stella and Justin did date it’s none of our buisness now because he’s with Selena…so let it go, and Babe’s if you’re going to all fight about it at least get all your facts right first ;) ~Hannah’xxx

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