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Lady Gaga wants a Husband who Loves and Supports her February 24, 2010

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Lady Gaga wants a Husband who Loves and Supports her and babies. She says she can’t wait to be a wife and mother according to www.exposay.com.

She revealed: “I want to have a husband who loves and supports me, just the way anyone else does. I am a very sentimental person and family is important to me.”

Picture Credit: indakno.com


Lady Gaga Telephone Music Video preview Pics February 19, 2010

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Here are some pictures from Lady Gaga’s soon to be released music Video Telephone. According to surfme.wordpress.com the music Video might last up to 12 MINUTES.

Pictures: surfme.wordpress.com 


Lady Gaga used to wear Make-up only before Bed February 14, 2010

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga claims she always felt like a ‘freak’ because her school’s strict rules didn’t allow cosmetics, so she used to indulge in her desire to dress up before going to sleep.

Lady Gaga told WWD: “When I was young, I felt like a freak in school and I had to put my make up on when I got home before I went to bed because I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up in school.”

Picture Credit: makeupforlife.net


Lady Gaga Little Montsers tattoo February 4, 2010

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Lady Gaga got a tatto of the words Little Monsters on her arm, which is a homage to her fans, who the she refers to as her Little Monsters.

Picture Credit: surfme.wordpress.com


Lady Gaga Grammy Performance February 1, 2010

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Lady Gaga performed at this years Grammys.


Lady Gaga interesting Grammy outfit 2010

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Lady Gaga wore a very interesting outfit to the Grammys.

Picture Credit: ourlaffytaffie.onsugar.com


Lady Gaga never was a “normal” child January 25, 2010

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Lady Gaga

According to www.exposay.com  Lady Gaga was never a “normal” child.

She admits she was very different to other kids her age when she was growing up and even her parents noticed she wasn’t the same as everyone else.

She said: “My mother is the strongest person on the planet. My parents always knew I was different, I was never a normal kid. I talked differently. My dad used to say, ‘Just get to the point.’ I do that with my lyrics now. It’s a testament when you achieve things like that when you’re young. My parents really supported me.”

Picture Credit: spin1038.com



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